No wish is too great or too small, too silly or mundane.  Give us the chance as a parent body to try to grant your wish and if we are not able currently, then give us the opportunity to strive to!


The Fairview High School PTO has funds available to meet a limited number of Wish List items from faculty and staff each year.  In order to give each request consideration, we ask that all requests be submitted on this form.  We will consider the requests at our monthly PTO meetings.  If you have a special or urgent need, we will call a meeting to consider your request.  All requests require the approval of the principal or their designee before being presented to the PTO.

Please complete this form and attach all supporting material (photos, catalog pages, etc.), gain the required signatures and then place form in the PTO mailbox in the workroom.  Your request will be considered at the next scheduled PTO meeting or sooner if deemed necessary.